About Us

Blacklock & Francis Ltd – established in 1983 – imports fine food and confectionery from around the world and purveys to New Zealand wholesale and retail customers.

We import from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece,  Holland,  Italy,  Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA.

Our customers include supermarkets, department stores, confectioners, delicatessens, and specialty gift shops.

Blacklock & Francis Ltd deals only with reputable overseas producers and international exporters. Many of our overseas suppliers are family businesses and all suppliers are long-standing and high ranking in their country’s food industry. All have internationally recognised food safety programmes.

Blacklock & Francis Ltd wants New Zealanders to enjoy fine food from many famous world cuisines. Our aim is to provide this opportunity with some of the best high-quality producers and their products from around the world.

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